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About Us

We are a small team of healthcare workers, tech experts, and self starter entrepreneurs who are ambitious and passionate about creating industry leading solutions to better health and ergonomics.

Dr. Mir Shithil

Dr. Mir Shithil , PT, DPT Co-founder

Dr. Mir is a Physical Therapist with a doctorate degree from New York University. He has always been passionate about healthcare and helping individuals live to their fullest potential. Working in an orthopedic clinical setting, he often sees patients whose underlying conditions are rooted in poor postural and movements patterns. Dr. Mir is dedicated to creating innovative solutions to modern day health problems.

Walter Gordillo-Cruz

Walter Gordillo-Cruz, Co-founder

Walter Gordillo-Cruz is a cyber security professional and hobbyist developer who is passionate about building solutions for everyday problems. 

How We Started?

The WavePads were born from a real world problem Walter encountered when he first moved into a new apartment and did not have a proper desk setup to comfortably sit at his computer for the hours required. Having to use the laptop without a monitor, Walter realized that using the laptop for many hours put unbearable strain on his wrists over time. Walter attempted to shop around for a solution to this problem, however was unable to find an existing product that would be versatile and portable enough to rest his wrists in the right place. Looking to consult with an expert, Walter reached out to Dr. Mir Shithil, who unbeknownst to him, would become the Co-Founder of the company they were about to start. Working together for almost a year, Walter and Dr. Shithil developed the WavePads - a sleek, portable, and ergonomic solution to working anywhere. They hope to continue building a company who sets the industry standard for creating health and ergonomic solutions to fit the modern world.