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    As a speech-language pathologist performing house calls, I spend a good portion of my day completing documentation on my laptop. With the support and cushion offered by the WavePads, I can comfortably type wherever I may be! The pads are portable and simple to use. The nonslip grip helps the pads maintain their position, even on a smaller laptop like mine.

    Steph F.

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    My fiancé has trigger finger, tendinitis, and other problems with his hands, plus he types several hours a day within job. . These have helped his hands with typing on his laptop tremendously. If you have any of those problems. These are what you need.


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    I love my Wavepads. I am using my laptop for more than 8 hours a day and this product definitely relieves tension in my wrist area. The padding is comfortable, sturdy, and has enough grip to not shift around when I type or use my mousepad. I love the portability of the product as well as I can easily fit them in my work bag.

    Kylynn Garingalao

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    These work really well. I do a lot of work while commuting and these have made doing my work on the train much more bearable. I wouldn’t buy these if you don’t plan to use them on a flat surface because they are not meant to stick. I still give these a 5 out of 5 because they’re very comfortable and have made my life easier. The added clip is also very sleek and great touch.

    Amazon Customer

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    This is a great thing for my laptop in order to support my wrists. After a while the pads do start to slip. I found that once I used my lint roller on it then it was able to not slip on my laptop again. Overall it is great!

    Kristen Hinkson

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