I see the WavePads under a company called AQUUES Solutions? Is this correct?

Yes! We were formerly known as AQUUES Solutions so you may come across some references to our old brand for some time!

Do I need to make two orders to get each wrist rest?

Definitely not! Each purchase of the WavePads includes two individual wrist rests and the stainless steel holder!

Can I still use the WavePads if I don't really type on a laptop?

Of course! The WavePads were designed with versatility in mind, so you can use just one WavePads as a wrist rest for your mouse, or use them both on your keyboard!

How can I get access to the "Stretch-From-Home" course?

The "Stretch-From-Home" course is accessible after subscribing to our website from our Home page :) The course is also automatically shared after each purchase!

Why do the WavePads lose stickiness after some time?

The WavePads are actually not supposed to stick to your laptop! We intentionally made the WavePads non-stick since the glue can leave sticky residue on your laptop, especially if your laptop gets hot!

Can the WavePads be purchased wholesale?

Absolutely! Please email for any wholesale inquiries!